Choose Your Adventure

Thor Campervan

New Mighty Thor Promaster Van

2022 Class B Rental Camper Van 18’ with optional Foldable kayaks/bikes

Price from: $275 CAD/night
Accommodation: Seats 4, sleeps 3
Located: Toronto, Ontario

Class A RV

Class A Carefree Cruisin’

RV Motorhome Rental
Renovated Newmar Scottsdale 32′
Price from: $250 CAD per night.
Accommodation: Seats 6, Sleeps 6
Located: Toronto, Ontario

RV Monaco Camelot

Luxury Monaco Camelot

Class A RV – 42′
Price from: $350 per night.
Accommodation: Seats 6, Sleeps 6
Located: Toronto, Ontario
*Requires air brake endorsement on licence


2022 Coachmen Clipper

Travel Trailer
Price from: $99 per night.
Accommodation: Sleeps 2
Located: Toronto, Ontario



Foldable Kayaks

Enhance your outdoor experience by renting a couple of space saving kayaks.

Like magic, our kayaks fold up and can be easily tossed on top of your vanlife hire or stored inside while travelling.

Make the most of the Ontario wilderness.

Bikes For Two

Sometimes you want to explore a little further down the trail. Sometimes you need to grab some groceries without packing up your van rental. Rent a bicycle or two for extra convenience.
Need more? Just ask.

Bikes For Two
Enhance the Adventure

Enhance the Adventure

Available for rent if you need it.Good times get better when you don’t have to worry about the little things. Need something else? Just ask.
Roadside Assist
WIFI & Offline Roadmaps
Luggage Rack
Bicycle Rack
Linen Kit
Kitchen Kit
Convenience Kit

New Adventures

For 2023 we have a new direction: Toronto camper rental.  We began around 15 years ago giving people a chance to drive a formula racing car. We then moved into stunt driving where people can learn to drive some of the stunts they see in the movies. During the pandemic we created scavenger hunt adventures where teams explore the countryside in their car while banishing ghosts, vikings and sasquatches.

We now have a new experience – Van Life. We have a van rental Toronto location and two Class A RV rental vehicles to explore North America.

The adventures continue!

New Adventures