Six Big Benefits To Going on an Adventure

Benefits of an Adventure Drive

Adventures are good for you! Here are six great adventure benefits.

#1 Slow Down Stress

Modern times are busy times and sometimes it seems overwhelming. An afternoon or evening with friends or family away from the distractions of home can reduce that feeling of too many things on your plate. Outdoor adventures such as a ghost outing can give you that feeling of “decompression” where the worries float away and you get the chance to enjoy the moment.

Snow Angels

#2 Make Shared Memories

Our connected world has many advantages, but there’s also the danger of everyone locked in their own device. Strong families and strong friendships deepen with memories that are shared together. Adventure Drives create that platform where the good times are remembered. Photos and videos can be shared within the Goosechase App and every team wins a prize of some sort. A family that plays together, stays together.

Shared Memories

#3 Help Mental Health

Time spent with those we love has been shown to improve mental health. For example, Our Viking missions are also designed to foster contribution, affirmation and positive reinforcement. Laughter can be the best medicine.

#4 Build a bond

Friendships develop when there a chance for sharing, laughing and discovering “like minds”. Adventures can fast track that process by compressing many different sharing opportunities into one afternoon. Bonds are stronger when a challenge is overcome and victory is won.

Promotes Creativity

#5 Foster communication

Our missions are designed to be interactive and collaborative. The better communication each team has, the greater their chance of winning. An adventure such as “Aliens in Niagara” compels everyone to contribute, have their say and open up with their creative ideas. Teams that talk it out tend to win!


#6 Bring out your best

Competition encourages us all to work together and push forward. Bonus points in our adventures are based on creativity, rather than a checklist concept. We are constantly amazed how creative people can be when challenged to make a photo or a video involving a ghost. Hidden talents are often discovered in an adventure.

Your Best