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Mental Health Benefits to an Outdoor Adventure Game

Mental Health

It’s no secret that outdoor adventure games can have a positive impact on mental health. But did you know that adventure games specifically can have some great mental health benefits for your wellbeing? Here are four ways that adventure games can improve your mental health: 1.Reduce stress and anxiety levels. Adventure games require the team […]

Canada’s Haunted Ghost Town: Cheltenham Brickworks

Cheltenham Brickworks has a long and storied history, dating back to the early 1800s. The brickworks was once a thriving factory, producing bricks for some of Ontario’s most iconic buildings. But now, the brickworks is abandoned and derelict, and it’s said to be haunted by the ghosts of its former workers. Visitors to the brickworks […]

Six Reasons why our Outdoor Adventure Experiences are Different

Creative Challenges

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure experiences that are different from the rest, look no further than ours. Here’s six reasons why we are different:   #1 Challenges designed around creative input not puzzle solving There is a growing trend of challenges that are designed around taking creative input, rather than puzzle solving. This is […]

How Adventure Drives Came About – Toronto Star Special

How Adventure Drives Began

When COVID-19 forced him to temporarily shut down his stunt-driving business in 2020, Hans Wolter found himself at loose ends. He’d been teaching drivers how to drift, execute J-turns and reverse-180s for more than ten years and needed something new. The pandemic put the stunt-driving school on ice, so Hans Wolter and creative director Phillip […]