Why Take a Kayak on Your Next Vanlife Holiday?


Ontario is a stunning province with a vast array of natural landscapes, from pristine lakes to winding rivers. One of the best ways to explore these waterways is by taking a kayak on your next vanlife holiday. Here’s why you should consider taking a kayak on your next vanlife holiday in Ontario. Access to hidden […]

How to Balance Adventure and Relaxation in your Camper Van Rental

Balance Adventure and Relaxation

Renting a camper van offers the perfect opportunity to explore new places, try new things, and create unforgettable memories. However, it can also be challenging to balance adventure and relaxation on a camper van trip. Here’s some tips on how to find the perfect balance between these two elements and make the most of your […]

Harvest Hosts – The Perfect Camper Adventure

Harvest Hosts - Winery

When it comes to embarking on a road trip in a camper van rental, the freedom to explore new destinations and create unforgettable memories is unmatched. However, finding suitable and unique places to park your camper van can sometimes be a challenge. This is where Harvest Hosts comes to the rescue, offering an extraordinary solution […]

Ontario’s Top Campsites for Rock Climbing: Camper Van Rental Adventures

Rock Climbing

Ontario, Canada, is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of activities, including rock climbing. From beginner-friendly crags to challenging vertical walls, Ontario’s rock climbing spots cater to climbers of all levels. To fully immerse yourself in the climbing experience, consider renting a camper van, which allows you to conveniently explore multiple sites […]

The Most Instagrammable Campsites in Ontario

Silent Lake

Ontario, Canada, is a vast and beautiful province known for its stunning landscapes, pristine wilderness, and abundant natural wonders. For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, camping in Ontario is a must-do experience. Not only does it provide an opportunity to connect with nature, but it also offers countless opportunities for capturing awe-inspiring moments that are […]

Ontario’s Top Campsites with Beach Access

Beach Access Campsites

Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful campsites in Canada. With over 250,000 lakes and rivers, Ontario offers an abundance of water activities and scenic views. Many of these campsites come equipped with beach access, perfect for those hot summer days. Pinery Provincial Park Pinery Provincial Park is one of the most popular […]

Discovering the Beauty of the Thousand Islands

Discovering the beauty of the Thousand Islands

Embarking on a road trip in a camper van rental is an incredible way to explore the world around you, offering freedom, flexibility, and the chance to create unforgettable memories. If you’re looking for a destination that combines natural beauty, rich history, and plenty of outdoor activities, then the Thousand Islands should be on your […]

Road Tripping Along the Georgian Bay Coastal Route in Your Camper Van Rental

Road Tripping Along the Georgian Bay

Road tripping along the Georgian Bay Coastal Route is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Ontario. With its picturesque landscapes, charming coastal towns, and numerous campgrounds, this route offers a perfect adventure for vanlife enthusiasts. Whether you’re traveling in a camper van rental or our RV rental, the Georgian Bay […]

Dos and Don’ts of Vanlife Rental in Ontario

Dos and Don'ts of Vanlife rental

Vanlife rental in Ontario can be a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors and experience all the beauty the province has to offer. However, like any adventure, there are some dos and don’ts of vanlife rental that you should keep in mind to ensure that your trip is a success. Here are a few […]

Why You Should Buy a Foldable E-Bike for Your Next Camper Van Rental

Foldable e-bikes

Camper van rentals offer the freedom to explore breathtaking landscapes, immerse yourself in nature, and embark on exciting adventures. To enhance your experience and make the most of your trip, buy a foldable electric bike (e-bike) and add it to your camping gear.  From convenience and versatility to eco-friendliness and exploration opportunities, a foldable e-bike […]