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Change Doesn’t Come from Comfort: Renting a Camper van for an Unforgettable Journey

Change Doesn’t Come from Comfort

In a world where comfort and routine often dictate our lives, seeking change and new experiences becomes essential for personal growth and rejuvenation. One transformative way to break free from the ordinary is by embarking on a van adventure. As the phrase goes, “Change doesn’t come from comfort,” and renting a camper van allows you […]

The Ultimate Guide to Doing Laundry in a Camper Van Rental

Doing Laundry in a Campervan Rental

Camping in a camper van rental offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying the comforts of home on wheels. However, one aspect that often poses a challenge is keeping your clothes clean and fresh. While it may seem daunting at first, doing laundry on the go is entirely possible and can be […]

Mental Health and Camper Van Rentals

Mental Health and Camper Van Rentals

Travelling in a camper van rental can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but it can also have a significant impact on your mental health. Let’s look at some of the ways that camper van rental can positively impact mental health, as well as some potential challenges and how to address them. Connection with Nature […]

Tips When Towing With a Camper Van Rental

Tips when Towing

Towing with a camper van rental or RV can be an exciting and convenient way to travel, but it also requires some preparation and safety considerations. Whether you’re towing a small trailer or a larger caravan, there are several tips you should keep in mind to ensure a smooth and safe journey in your RV […]

Where to Stay, What to See on Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island is a hidden gem located in the heart of Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada. It is the world’s largest freshwater island, boasting a rich history, cultural significance, and breathtaking natural beauty. The island is a perfect destination for camper van rentals and RV enthusiasts who want to explore and experience the great outdoors. […]

Ten Easy Recipes for VanLife Rental Meals

Grilled Cheese

Camping in a camper van rental is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors while still enjoying some of the comforts of home. Cooking meals in a van hire can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging if you don’t have access to a full kitchen. Here are ten […]

Ontario’s Best Campgrounds for Stargazing

Stargazing in Ontario

If you love stargazing, Ontario is a great place to camp out and take in the wonder. With its dark skies and stunning natural landscapes, Ontario offers some of the best opportunities for stargazing in Canada. Here’s our list of the best campgrounds in Ontario for stargazing when heading out in your next camper van […]

How to Save Money on Your Camper Van Rental

How to Save Money - Plan your route

Camper van rentals are a popular way to explore the outdoors and experience the freedom of the open road. However, they can also be expensive, with costs such as fuel, camping fees, and food adding up quickly. If you’re planning a van hire and want to save money, there are several things you can do […]

Using the Control Panel – Promaster Thor Scope

Here’s a quick run through on how to manage the Control Panel for our Dodge Promaster Thor Scope. You can manage all the functions of our Camper Van including: Tank Levels, Lights, Water Pump, Air Conditioning, Awnings, Battery and Fuel for the generator, Vents and more. Please message us if you have any questions after […]

Driving Tips for Class B Rental Camper Vans

Driving Tips

Our Class B rental camper vans are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of RV rental travel without the hassle of driving a large, unwieldy vehicle. However, driving a Class B rental camper van requires a different set of skills and techniques than driving a regular car or […]