Our adventures have a unique mix of innovative new ideas to create a new experience for your group. Here’s the difference:


Stronger Connections

Our challenges involve on the spot spontaneous tasks. These missions are designed to generate laughing together as they work together. Teams feel more connected to their colleagues when they can laugh.

A Personalized Program

We can tailor your day to weave your brand into the story as well as the names of your attendees. Personalization means higher engagement and therefore higher retention rate. For example, our we can create radio reports before, during and after the event that mentions each team by name.

Maximum Interaction

Multiple touchpoints

Our adventures start well before the actual day with reminders and news reports. After the event we have more communication with each team with prizing and share packages. We can embed your brand in many of these communication channels to create a strong and lasting impression of just how much your group is appreciated!


Our adventures are not like your standard golf event. Your groups will be talking about their experience long after they have finished the event. You will be creating good memories for a long lasting relationship.



We’ve worked hard to make sure our adventures not only have universal appeal, but are as inclusive as possible. People of all ages and cultures love our events. Ghosts are in every community of the world! Some missions are designed to be done inside the car so that those with mobility issues are still very much a part of the adventure.