Four Viking Treasure Hunting Tips

Four Tips for a Viking Treasure Hunt

The Viking people were great explorers and in 1021, they landed on the shores of Newfoundland, Canada and created a settlement. Not many people realize, that later on, they sailed up the St Lawrence River to Ontario with their treasure, looking for a passageway to China.

Recent discovery of a new saga found in Norway tells of their trip to Lake Ontario.  The legend says that treasure is buried somewhere in Ontario. As a result, many people are now searching for that lost treasure of the Vikings. We have four tips for those looking to find those ancient nordic artifacts and relics.

Journey to Ontario

#1 Use Great Treasure Hunting Tools

Having the right prospecting tools can make a big difference to a treasure hunter. Many treasure hunters use a metal detectors, pinpointer and a variety of shovels.

At Adventure Drives, we have developed our own special treasure detector. We combine the bluetooth signals of a smartphone with GPS and camera to create a ground penetrating beam similar to sonar or an ultrasound device.

You can quickly and easily scan the terrain. If you get a result, you can then enhance that result to produce an ultrasound style photo of your discovery. Advanced tools like this can give you the edge over other treasure hunters in the area.

As always, good footwear and the right clothing is essential. Hats, boots and sometimes knee pads can make things easier. If you look like someone in authority or a Parks and Recreation field agent, you will be able to move more freely on location and less questions will be asked about your recovery equipment.

Bring a big bag for your fortune as well! Viking fortune can include swords, hammers, shields and large items of jewellery. You will need to conceal your treasure finds from other relic hunters. The less you need to explain, the better for all.

Viking Treasure Hunt Tools
Hats, boots and a Soil Imaging App are all essentials.

#2 Prepare Your Defense Tactics

Treasure hunting can be a dangerous business and there are two kinds of tactics, detectorists need to know.

The first is the ability to defend yourself against other lazy treasure hunters who will simply follow you to the treasure.

The second is the unseen world of curses, spells and misfortunes that surround viking treasure.

Anyone who has every watched the movie “The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb” will know what can happen to those who are unprepared. Ancient tombs, burial mounds, caves and mausoleums may be surrounded by hexes placed there to protect the riches of the deceased.

Viking Axes

At Adventure Drives, we have carefully researched the ancient nordic sagas. There is a curse reverse that can be used on nearly all viking treasure. Should there be a malediction placed on their possession, it is a good idea to go through a curse reverse ritual just in case. Nobody wants to live with a viking curse hanging over them.

Discretion is important when hunting for viking treasure. A good strategy is to make up a fake story and say that you are simply hunting for a lost earring or a lucky dime that you recently lost.

Do not tell anyone your real purpose or you will have others following you and watching your every move. They may not be friendly folk. Stay on guard, always lock your vehicle at all times and be vigilant with every move you make.

You cannot be too careful.


#3 Build a Great Crew

When hunting for viking artifacts you need to surround yourself with people you trust. Your family or your closest friends will stand by you through good times and bad.

A good crew means fun times as well as everyone has a different perspective. Fresh approaches can help solve the challenges of discovery buried artifacts. If you’re going treasure hunting, then it should be fun as well as rewarding.

A good crew is not going to disappear with all those riches and leave you with nothing. And if your crew members have geo-caching experience or scavenger hunt experience, it will definitely be a bonus.

A good crew allows you to split up responsibilities. With each member of your team dedicated to one purpose, you will move more quickly and have a great chance of success. Driver, navigator, tools manager, locations director can be some of the roles, as well as someone who has knowledge of viking history.

Build a Cool Crew
Build a Cool Crew

#4 Know the Lay of the Land

Critical to the success of finding viking fortune in Canada, is the prior research. The more you know about how the vikings lived and died, how they explored and what they did with their treasure, the more likely you will succeed.

At Adventure Drives, we have researched a viking history in great detail, studied many archeology papers and cultural heritage sites. We can provide these resources for teams looking for the viking artifacts.

A good knowledge of the local historic areas will also help. Nothing beats local knowledge and an understanding of the terrain and geographical anomalies. As always, good maps combined with GPS locator and an ability to work with the locals can make a big difference. Learning nordic runes can also give you an edge.

A knowledge of the treasure hunting regulations of Canada is essential as well. You will need to know you are legally allowed to do. For example: What types of activities require permits? Who is the owner of the treasure should you discover it?

For example, the province of Ontario has different rules than the Province of Quebec. At the federal level, all permits are given by Parks Canada. Be aware of the treasure hunters “Code of Ethics” .

The scouts motto “Be Prepared” is one of the best tips we can give for all viking treasure hunters. Treasure hunting makes for a great adventure experience and everyone needs to do it at least once in their life. Good luck.


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