A fun packed afternoon on a search for the mysterious Sasquatch. Find the evidence and crack the codes. It’s a country drive with a cool app and scavenger style hunt for the legendary Bigfoot. A 2 hour socially distanced event for family or friends.

$29 each / $99 per family

A new outdoor Sasquatch adventure game

Multiple teams compete in an outdoor adventure game to banish a ghost. It's an escape room, scavenger hunt, geocaching and amazing race all wrapped up in one great game. Drive to three locations to track down The Sasquatch. Collect the evidence with photo challenges and solve the mystery if you can! Keep the good times coming.
  • Starts in Milton. All ages. Hosts on site.
  • Realtime feedback & bonus points during the event.
  • While travelling, listen to a sasquatch audio story.
  • Each stop has fun, sometimes scary photo or video tasks.
  • Prizing/Certificates for creativity.
  • Bring or wear your bigfoot hunting props.
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