A fun packed evening on a search on mission to keep the Count in his coffin. Boos the powers of your Transylvania Phylactery and keep the community safe. A 2 hour socially distanced event for family or friends.

$29 per person

Redefine fun for your peeps
Turn a Vampiress into a Ghost

Visit a haunted house, hallowed cemetery, vampyrean death funnel and more on an adventure drive. Turn the vampire Countess Malvada into a ghost. Save Markham. You will want at least two people. The more the merrier!
A new concept! - An interactive scavenger style rally drive. Ghost busting tools, apps, maps, videos, audio story and more included. Socially distanced and all ages. Bring your favourite people. Our hosts get you started and finished. Real time feedback and bonus points with a virtual guide during the event.
1. Starts in Markham. Drive to four stops. 2. Each stop has fun, sometimes scary photo or video tasks 3. While travelling, listen to an vampire audio story 4. End at the Mandaean Cemetery. Turn the vampiress into a ghost