Take a journey through a Viking Legend. Yes the Vikings came to Canada 1000 years and they left their treasure somewhere in Ontario. Follow the story and the trail then use your Viking Hex Box to remove the curse on the treasure. Great fun for both family and friends as you discover the real treasure of the day.

$29 per person / $99 per family

Come together and find the Viking Treasure

Drive to four locations and follow the trail of the Vikings who came here 1000 years ago. Where might their treasure be buried? A fun event that celebrates all things Viking. [gap] [accordion-item title="MORE DETAILS"]
Our hosts get you started and finished. Real time feedback during the event on your challenges. Mini apps, maps, videos, audio stories, completion certificate and more included. Socially distanced and all ages. Bring your favourite people.
1. Drive to three cool locations. 2. Each stop has photo/video submissions. 3. Return to Fireman's Park for a final ceremony.