Ghost Adventure Game – Old Toronto

$29 per person / $99 per family

The only ghost adventure game in Toronto
that puts you in the story.

Multiple teams compete in an outdoor on the streets of old Toronto. Its escape room, scavenger hunt, geocaching and amazing race all wrapped up in one!
Max out your mojo as you go, and return to Courthouse Square to release the rebel ghosts. Follow a true audio story about the Ontario rebellion and those who fought for positive change in Canada.

  • Personal interaction with the ghosts
  • Put your ideas into the game
  • Create your own ghost defences
  • Live detecting tools enhance the game
  • History mixed with mystery

  • Walk to six haunted places
  • 30 mins of walking
  • All ages. Hosts on site.
  • Realtime feedback & bonus points during the event.
  • ♿ Wheelchair Accessible

Great for an extra laugh. Claim with this booking.

☑ Yes you can cancel, rebook or add more later