A Ghost Outing – Milton



Beat the blahs by banishing Thomas Corner, the murderous ghost. It’s a hoot!

Go on an adventure in the country and make a supernatural mojo. Visit the enchanted lake, witching forest, haunted cemetery and then banish the ghost of Thomas Corner at the Milton Town Hall.

You will want at least two people. The more the merrier!

An interactive adventure drive with a true story.
Ghost busting tools, apps, maps, videos, audio story and more included.
Socially distanced and all ages. Bring your favourite people.
Our hosts get you started and finished. Real time feedback and bonus points with a virtual guide during the event.

1. Our hosts get you started in Campbellville. Drive to five stops.
2. Each stop has fun, sometimes scary tasks
3. While travelling, listen to a true ghost story
4. Finish up at the Milton Town Hall to expel the ghost

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☑ Yes you can cancel or rebook