A Vampire Ghost Outing – Markham

$29 per person / $99 per family

A new concept in a vampire adventure game.
Turn a Vampiress into a Ghost

Multiple teams compete in an outdoor adventure game to banish a ghost. It’s an escape room, scavenger hunt, geocaching and amazing race all wrapped up in one great game.

Drive to a haunted house, hallowed cemetery, vampyrean death funnel and more. Practice your vampire defence tactics then return and change the vampire Countess Malvada into a ghost. Save Markham.

Our staff will start your story and provide you with all the materials you will need.


  • Starts in Markham. All ages. Hosts on site.
  • Realtime feedback & bonus points during the event.
  • While travelling, listen to a ghost audio story.
  • Each stop has fun, sometimes scary photo or video tasks.
  • Prizing/Certificates for creativity.

Great for an extra laugh. Claim with this booking.

☑ Yes you can cancel, rebook or add more later