Six Reasons why our Outdoor Adventure Experiences are Different

Creative Challenges
If you’re looking for outdoor adventure experiences that are different from the rest, look no further than ours. Here’s six reasons why we are different:


#1 Challenges designed around creative input not puzzle solving

There is a growing trend of challenges that are designed around taking creative input, rather than puzzle solving. This is likely due to the popularity of social media and the rise of platforms like Instagram. People are increasingly interested in sharing their photos and experiences with others. And so challenges that revolve around taking creative photos are becoming more common.

There are a few reasons why challenges that focus on taking creative photos are more popular than those that focus on puzzle solving. First, taking photos is generally more accessible than puzzle solving. Almost everyone has a camera on their phone these days. It doesn’t require any special equipment or skills to take part in a photo challenge. Second, photo challenges are generally more visually appealing than puzzle challenges. One of the reasons our Ghost Outing Burlington Heights adventure is so popular is that each stop has a setting that makes it easy to take creative photos.


Outdoor Adventure Games Creative Photo Challenges

#2 New technologies add a fresh twist to the adventure

New technologies such as augmented reality and text to speech create new possibilities for  outdoor adventure games. Augmented reality can be used to create immersive environments in which players can explore and interact with their surroundings. Text to speech can be used to provide information and narration It can also create a more naturalistic and believable game world when the ghost speaks to you using your own name. We use these technologies in all our ghost adventures to interact with the ghost and create a more believable immersive experience.  For example at the end of our Vampire Ghost Outing Markham, the vampire speaks to the team at the moment he is transformed into a ghost.  It adds a whole new dimension to the experience!


Outdoor Adventure Games: Augmented Reality


#3 Each location is integrated into the story

The integration of each location into the story is key to providing a greater level of immersion for participants. By connecting the story to specific locations, the reader is able to feel as though they are truly a part of the world that the game designer has created. This connection allows the team to suspend disbelief and become fully invested in the story. Additionally, the use of specific locations can also help to create a sense of atmosphere and mood.


Outdoor Adventure Games: Team Interaction


#4 Personalized elements put your team into the story

Personalized elements, such as name, region, and personal preference, help to create a more immersive and personal experience for the teams. In our story, these elements help to ground the team in the game world, and to make the characters feel more real. By including these personalized details, we are able to create a richer and more textured world for each team. In addition, these details help to create a stronger connection between the team and the characters. By including these elements, we are able to create a more personal and engaging story for each team participating an outdoor adventure game.


#5 Challenges designed for maximum interaction between team members

In order to promote maximum interaction between team members, challenges are designed in a way that encourages communication and collaboration. This can be done by ensuring that the tasks are ones that require input from multiple team members in order to be completed successfully. Additionally, each challenge is designed in a way that allows for different team members to take on different roles in order to contribute their unique skills and perspectives. By doing so, team members will be more likely to interact with one another in a meaningful way. It promotes a more immersive adventure experience.


Maximum Interaction


#6 Local history is integrated into each outdoor adventure game

Local history gives each team a sense of place and a connection to the characters. Without it, the story would be less rich and textured. It creates a sense of time and place, adds depth to the adventure, and creates a sense of realism. Our adventures usually involve a true story about an evil person who was then sentenced to death. For example, in our Ghost Outing Milton, the ghost of Thomas Corner involves one of the last public hangings in Canada. Teams go right to the very place where Thomas Corner was hung. These true stories are like the new escape room genre that takes you on a journey exploring your  past.


In conclusion, our outdoor adventure game is different than other games out there because it is specifically designed to take advantage of the latest developments in society and in technology. With a focus on exploration, teamwork and problem-solving, our game is the perfect way to get players of all ages excited about spending time together. So, whether you’re looking for a fun way to get the family together or you’re wanting to explore the great outdoors with friends, our adventure games will give you something different!