Our adventures combine all the principles of building a team with a fresh experience to motivate your employees.



Our challenges involve on the spot spontaneous tasks. These missions are designed to generate laughing together as they work together. Employees feel more connected to their colleagues when they can laugh.

Promotes Creativity

Our adventures open up the free flow of ideas and possibilities. For example in many missions a team must invent their own ceremony to release a ghost. These missions take a team out of their usual comfort zone into a whole new way of thinking.

Promotes Creativity
Releasing the Ghost

Space to express themselves

Team members will often feel inhibited and have a fear of criticism within a work environment. A Ghost Outing for example, gives members an opportunity to speak, act out or contribute without the normal pressures and expectations within the workplace.

Group Development

Our adventures follow the standard in group development as introduced by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. This model is one where the team can grow, face up to challenges, tackle problems, find solutions, plan work, and deliver results.

Introduce each other at the beginning of the adventure. Often teams will select their Chief Ghost Wrangler in this early stage of the game.

Members share ideas within the group.  Within a short time a team will face a challenge such as creating a motto, song or chant to drive away a ghost.  Teams must quickly begin brainstorming and then act out their task.

A leader begins to shine.  As the team continues their quest team members will begin to discover areas of expertise they never knew they had!  Members begin to take on roles and problem solve really fun problems like how to defend yourself against a ghost.

Execute the plan to complete the challenge.  In this final stage the team puts all their ghost busting learnings and ideas together so that they can successfully banish a ghost. It is the most rewarding and fun part of the adventure.



A study by the Kenexa Research Institute found that half of the long-lasting positive changes in workplace communication patterns could be attributed to interactions from outside the workplace, such as outdoor team building activities. Text missions involving interaction with psychic mediums, and the mission director also hone communication skills between members and with the overall mission director.