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Why Joseph Willcocks is Canada’s Greatest Traitor

Joseph Willcocks

The year was 1812 and Canada was at war with the United States. Joseph Willcocks lived in the Niagara area and was a loyalist to the British Crown. He was well known throughout Upper Canada and had many connections. At one point he was the Sheriff for his district although he was fired for notoriously […]

Top Five Ghost Busting Tips

Top Five Ghost Busting Tips

Preparation is the key to success.  Here are the top five ghost busting tips on how to emerge victorious from your ghost busting adventure.   #1 Get Good Ghost Busting Gear Having the right equipment makes all the difference. At Adventure Drives ,we will supply you with a number of useful tools. Our EMF reader […]

The True Story of the Murderous Ghost Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones of Delaware was by all accounts not a nice person. It was said he would double cross anyone. He would often convince his First Nations Oneida warriors they could make easy money by crossing the Detroit River and joining the US Army. He would then wait for the first paycheck, and take all […]

The True Story of the Traitorous Ghost John Dunham

The Site of the Hanging of the Traitors

The year was 1812 and Canada was at war with the United States. Although most of the population was loyal to the British Crown, some believed the Americans would win and they switched sides. One such person was John Dunham.  He had a cabin on a plot of land that is now the Nanticoke Generating […]