Top Five Ghost Busting Tips

Top Five Ghost Busting Tips
Preparation is the key to success.  Here are the top five ghost busting tips on how to emerge victorious from your ghost busting adventure.

#1 Get Good Ghost Busting Gear

Having the right equipment makes all the difference. At Adventure Drives ,we will supply you with a number of useful tools. Our EMF reader will detect electrical activity in the area which could mean a ghost is nearby.  Sometimes we also use a Spectre Collector to capture the ghost, as well as devices to monitor subsonic voices in tombs. But don’t forget the basics! Good footwear and appropriate clothing for encountering dark spirits is a must.

Bringing your own props to a Ghost Outing can also help.  Teams that dress up or create their own ghost busting props, usually have great success when hunting ghosts.
Get good ghost busting gear

#2 Leverage your luck

Most of the nasty ghosts still have tremendous powers.  A ghost busting team needs all the help they can get.  Harnessing luck is a good strategy. Bring along your lucky objects, whatever they might be. Some people bring a lucky coin, a rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe.

Lucky rituals can aid as well, such as knocking on wood or making up your own lucky ritual. The important thing is your belief in your lucky object and knowing it can be a great defense tactic when taking on the dark art of ghost busting.

Ghost Busting Luck

#3 Pick Your People

You cannot take on a malevolent ghost on your own.  You need your best people by your side. Although it is useful if each team member has different talents and abilities, it is their attitude, support and sense of adventure, that will carry the team through to victory.  Bring your trusted friends or family members who you can rely on when things get REALLY SPOOKY.

Pick your People

#4 Know your enemy

The more you know about the ghost you are going to banish, the greater your chances of winning.  At Adventure Drives, we supply teams with an audio story that gives them a full background on the ghost and their reasons for haunting.  This extra information helps enormously, as the team can then use this information to their advantage. There may be spells, enchantments or hexes involved, so researching the background story can also help avoid these dangers.

Ghost Busting Tip #5 Get Creative

#5 Unleash your creative ghost busting talent

There is a good reason a ghost still inhabits a haunted place.  They are not easy to remove. Many of the usual techniques will not work.  Ghost busting calls for a creative approach – something out of the ordinary.  A fresh set of ideas is what is needed. The more creative a team can be, the greater their chances of banishing an evil spirit.
Good luck and we hope these ghost busting tips will help.


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