How Adventure Drives Came About – Toronto Star Special

How Adventure Drives Began
When COVID-19 forced him to temporarily shut down his stunt-driving business in 2020, Hans Wolter found himself at loose ends. He’d been teaching drivers how to drift, execute J-turns and reverse-180s for more than ten years and needed something new.
The pandemic put the stunt-driving school on ice, so Hans Wolter and creative director Phillip Reilly started dreaming up new adventures where people could seek thrills at a distance from one another.
Just before Halloween 2020, inspiration struck: They would organize a ghost outing. Part scavenger hunt, part rally-car event, the ghosting adventure would see groups of people — families, bachelorette parties, friends — solve clues to banish a ghost, all from the safety of their own cars.
Sarah Moore from the Toronto Star has put together the full story.
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