What is an Adventure Drive?

Adventure Drive

An adventure drive has elements of a scavenger hunt, rally drive, and pokemon style exploration. It’s a  country ramble, all ages, outdoor event.

Although prizes are awarded for winning teams, the emphasis is on creative submissions at each stop. There is usually three to four different locations in the adventure.

Upon arrival, participants are greeted by our staff who give them a quick introduction to their event. Contestants then drive to each location and complete a series of fun, interactive and exciting tasks. Teams have a series of different missions, including listening to the audio story which creates the context.

Activities may involve finding clues, creating videos and photos and strategizing. There is usually a twist at the finale when the final showdown takes place.  Prizing and commendations are awarded at the end of the event for everyone.

Vikings in Ontario

There is a variety of  themes including banishing ghosts, hunting for viking treasure or a hunt for the sasquatch. There is even an alien adventure as well as retelling of the Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol at the end of the year.

The personal level of attention continues throughout the event with a Help Hotline available to anyone at anytime. At the end of the event our staff award commendations, prizes and  help with any further needs that a team might have on that day.

Getting together

One of the objectives of an adventure drive is to bring groups of people together and have them interact in new ways. Families often comment that it is the first time in years they have come together and laughed so hard. Young children through to grandparents can participate.  For example, some adventures have a favourite movie theme which applies to everyone, no matter what their age.  Some adventures even have a singalong component or family favourite sport that must be enacted on the spot.  A big part of the success of adventure drives has been these combination of activities to create togetherness in a unique way.

Getting Together

How We Maximize Fun

The event is full of laughs, jokes, thrilling challenges, serious calculations and great team play.

Adventure Drives has been constantly evolving to maximize the fun level.  After each season, all adventures are analyzed and reworked to include the missions that people enjoyed the most. Less exciting missions are discarded.  Over the past three years, each adventure has developed and changed, retaining all the elements that had the biggest fun factor.  This process has meant that the events are better each season.

Another enhancement to the experience is the realtime commenting on every submission.  We have staff working online who monitor the submissions of every team and award bonus points and real time personalized comments on what each team is doing.  This extra level of personalization also maximizes the fun and gives each team a “real feel” of an adventure as they communicate with ‘HQ.’

The creative contribution of teams is always surprising and delightful and makes it a fun time for everyone.

Alien Adventure

Bringing the Past to Life

All our adventure drives include an audio story that forms the framework for the adventure. Many of our ghost outings are based on a true story from local history.  Many teachers have commented that the adventure drive brings history alive for their students and families.  Engagement increases enormously when the past is wrapped in outdoor activities and a ghost component adds drama and excitement to the day.  The educational aspect adds another exciting layer for those who love local history.

Local Travel is Back

Another educational aspect is the emphasis on local travel.  We plan it so that you see winding country roads, interesting villages, breathtaking vistas and the hidden gems of the province. Our stops on an adventure are  usually local highlights or attractions in the area.  It may be a waterfall, lookout or unusual place.  Our adventures often include a “best kept secret’ for the region which both surprises and delights participants.

One of our most common comments is “Thank you for sending us there.  We are locals yet never knew it existed.”  With the changes taking place during the pandemic, local travel has become more important and we are committed to championing local travel in Canada. Hopefully, our adventure gives each team a renewed love for the natural beauty of the province.


Local Travel

Fun Adventure Drive Apps

One of the most fun elements of our adventures are the tools.  Personalization always enhances the experience and all our events have a personal touch. It may be a ghost who addresses you personally and names your home town.  It may be personalized prizing or a radio message directed to your team. Some of our tools are a Sasquatch Tracking Compass or a  Soil Imaging Device to find buried treasure. One of our favourite apps is the Ghost Busting tool that measures electromagnetics waves, temperature and air pressure to alert you when a ghost is nearby.

All our adventures use the Canadian Goosechase App which provides an excellent framework for an adventure.  It gives contestants a solid platform to keep track of their submissions, compare progress with others and integration with other platforms.  High level service and support means it is our choice for our adventures.

A few years ago, the 4G signal were not as widespread and not everyone had a smartphone that could accurately determine your GPS location. Technology has now reached a point where we can run an adventure drive using a smartphone and an app. Society reached a point where where GPS is in every phone and ability to take photos and manage an app is now so much part of everybody’s experience.

Social Distancing

We live in uncertain times and not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal space with strangers. Our adventure drive event, lets you stay in your own car with trusted friends and family. The event is designed to let you maintain a safe distance with other competitors. You can get out of the house and have fun in your own car, knowing you have control over social distance situations.

Cool missions

Adventure Drive Groups

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or bachelor party an adventure drive makes a great experience gift. Our events are also popular with Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or “Just Because.” It’s the kind of event that creates many long term memories and easy to share on social media.

Charities and corporate groups are also discovering the benefits of an adventure drive.  We can make minor customizations to each adventure to fit the theme and the group. For example, in our Viking Treasure Hunt, teams must remove the “Curse of Misfortune” with an act of generosity. They discover that the real treasure is people helping people.

Affordable Pricing

This year has also been a lot more difficult for family budgets. We knew we wanted an adventure that was affordable for the average person. When you think of the cost of a family of four to go to the movies, it can easily be more than $100 with popcorn and parking. So we’ve created a similar price for an Adventure Drive where you ARE the movie.  Our prices have recently been adjusted to make if even more affordable for couples and groups of three.

Awards and Commendations