Who Goes on An Adventure Drive?

Local History

If you’re not sure whether an adventure drive is for you, here’s a quick overview of who goes on an adventure to have the time of their lives.

Family adventurers

Our number one group on an adventure drive are families. What makes an adventure drive different is our missions that are designed for all group members to interact together in new and interesting ways. Children, teenagers, parents and grandparents (and sometimes the family dog!) find themselves challenging each other in a fresh and delightful manner. Everyone always returns back to the start with stories!

Families also like the format of the game where everyone has a different role to play. Those with mobility issues can remain in the car and still enjoy a lot of the missions as they occur in the car. Many of our adventures require the team to designate a special person. In the Burlington Vikings adventure for example, it is a Shield Wielder. In Vampire Ghost Outing Markham, somebody has caught the vampirus. This element adds an extra level of fun to the event.

For parents who may only have their kids for part of the time, our two hour format, filled with challenging yet funny missions, provides a great way to spend quality time, and create wonderful memories. It redefines the idea of a family adventure.


Fun with Friends Seekers

As they say, sometimes having fun with your friends is all the therapy you need.  In particular, our ghost outings are the most popular events in a group like Girls Nights Out, Bachelor Parties, Birthdays etc. Everyone loves to wind each up a bit! That is half the fun! We have created a special pricing structure for friends with our “Trusty Trio” option as well as the “Dynamic Duo.”

Fun with Friends Seekers

Scavenger hunters

Each of our adventures functions a little like a scavenger hunt.  We use the Goosechase App as the platform for submitting the missions and it Canada’s most popular scavenger hunt app.  What makes our adventures a little different, is that while you may be hunting an object in some missions, bonus points are awarded for your creativity in all the challenges. In most scavenger hunts, points are awarded for only for finding an object.
Points are awarded for the team’s creativity throughout all the missions. Fun happens interacting with team members, as they complete mission to meet the end goal. We have discovered that this essential difference creates a much more memorable event and boosts the fun factor by 100%.
Scavenger Hunters

Popular Culture Fans

Fans of halloween adventures and ghost tours love our ghost outings. We believe in the “theatre of the mind” and that the scariest experiences are ones where our imagination is heavily involved. In our ghost outings, there are no actors popping out of the bushes to scare people. Rather, it is about the process of building your ghost busting skills to the point where you can capture a dangerous ghost. Ghost busting teams often comment on how that change in emphasis creates a whole new way of thinking about the paranormal.
Sasquatch hunters discover a new legend and a new approach to thinking about Bigfoot.  Many teams are into cosplay and arrive with great costumes and props to enhance the experience.  Like most of our adventures, there is a twist at the end of the adventure to add surprise. Our Father’s Day Hunt of the Sasquatch in particular, is a very popular event combining a family event with the Sasquatch myth. Many teams love that they can enact the hunt in costume, while creating great photos and videos to share with their friends.
Viking buffs coming off a new season of the new Netflix Vikings: Valhalla show also have the chance to relive their favourite world.  Again, many teams bring their Viking props to increase the engagement and boost the fun. It is a similar situation with our “Aliens in Ontario” adventure where teams with a love of UFO’s and conspiracy theories immerse themselves into a story.  These adventures give fans  the chance to express their love of the genre in fun and unique ways.
Pop Culture Fans

Date Night

First time dates can be difficult. It is often a meal in a restaurant with possibly awkward moments. Many have discovered that our adventure drives provide a fun context in which you can get to know someone a little better. With missions designed to generate giggles, smiles and outright laughter, couples find that these adventures take the pressure off the date and leave just the good times.
If it’s not necessarily a first date when couples are looking for something new to do together, something that brings them together and isn’t the same old ‘dinner and a movie.’ It’s a great way to keep the good times going!


Local History Buffs

Nearly all our ghost outings involve a true story from the region. It is usually a notorious person who was executed for their crimes in the nineteenth century. The audio story that goes with the adventure includes local history elements such as heritage areas, local buildings, and perhaps a pioneer cemetery which can be packed with history. Our adventures take the facts, and only at the end do we add the twist to make it a ghost story. Those with a love of the bygone times in their neighbourhood can experience it in a whole new way. An adventure that brings history alive.
Sunday Drivers

Sunday Drivers

After spending all week working, many people love to jump in the car and go for a drive in the country. We have carefully chosen each stop in our adventures to showcase something special. We design each route to both surprise and delight. After an event people comment “We have lived in this area for ever and didn’t know these places existed!” It’s the unique mix of an afternoon drive with interesting stops and challenges along the way that people love. It’s for that reason we call it an “adventure drive.”
We also have charity groups, corporate teams, and parties of all description because our events are a unique way to have together, outside solving missions, taking photos, and maybe even doing some singing and dancing!
The bottom line is that just about every kind of group you can imagine will have fun on an adventure drive!