Our adventure drives are a new kind of experience that provides a fresh approach.

Our adventures are usually based on a true story from Ontario history.  All missions are designed for maximum interaction between team members and maximum fun!

An audio story, augmented reality apps and a ghost that speaks to the team adds even more to the hilarity of the day

Tailored and Personalized

We can tailor our adventure to your specific goals.  Typically this means adding extra missions and adapting an existing story line to make it more applicable to your event. We can also personalize the experience to your group where a ghost may use a team member’s name or reference the town where they live. Adjusting an adventure to your group really boosts the engagement factor as well.


We have over 15 years experience running corporate events.  For many years we ran corporate stunt driving days where teams would learn to do car stunts from the movies.  Similarly with Adventure Drives, we can handle small, medium and large sized groups, depending on your needs.


We can provide an adventure drive during the week or on weekends. We can also run the event during the day or during the evening.


Our locations currently include London, Ottawa, Downtown Toronto, Greater Toronto Area and Niagara



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