Why we like to be scared. The Psychology of a Ghost Outing

Ghost Busters

Why do we like to be scared? And why does fear work so well?  Many researchers have studied the psychology of fear, and there is still much to learn. We love to fear things.


Some researchers suggest we seek out scary situations to gain experiences outside of our normal lives. A Ghost Outing takes a person outside of the ordinary everyday into the world of the unknown. A ghost hunting experience, for example, allow us to live out alternative reality for a short time. None of the regular rules apply. Normal becomes the paranormal as teams discover their own region can take on a completely different perspective.  Ghost hunting can be a way to learn more about another point of view. It can also be a way to find peace and closure as team members realize if they can overcome their fears in a game, they can overcome some of the challenges in the real world.

Why we like to be scared: Sense of accomplishment


Some novel experiences can even contribute to our sense of accomplishment, like visiting a notorious haunted house and releasing a ghost. The bonus points in each mission of a ghost outing and the certificate of completion emphasize this key aspect of overcoming fear and completing the quest. When teams experience a sense of accomplishment and mastery over a threat, they subsequently feel more confident in their ability to handle other anxiety-provoking situations. This is because they have proven to themselves that they can overcome challenges and emerge victorious. This newfound confidence allows them to approach other difficult tasks with a positive attitude and the belief that they will be able to overcome any obstacle in their path.


A ghost outing can satisfy our curiosity about the dark side of human psyche. Our ghost outings are based on a true story about the dark side of the criminal mind. Audio stories explore not only the reason why the ghost exists, but some of the terrible deeds they did before being executed. A ghost outing is a journey into the terrors of the past. But it makes you think you’re different than the victim, and therefore more likely to survive your own traumatic experiences. There is a cathartic aspect of a ghost outing, where a team discovers the horrors of the past in their own area.  But then finds resolution in the ceremonies that they must create and act out to capture a ghost. The “ghost busting” activities provide a way for a team to symbolically deal with the ‘ghosts’ in their own lives. These activities can help to provide a sense of closure and understanding, and can help the team to move on from whatever issue or problem they are facing. By working together to ‘bust’ the ghosts, the team can feel empowered and motivated to tackle whatever challenges they may face in the future.


Why we like to be scared: The Dark Side


Being scared gives you a thrilling rush. On one hand, someone may be terrified, but they’re also safe. Emotions bounce back and forth between two poles. When one feels more scared, one also feels more vulnerable. But then emotions swings back as a mission is accomplished and a team feels stronger. This mix of emotions is sought after in all great experiences. The roller coaster of emotions can also help team members feel more connected to other members of the team through shared emotions. The experience of being scared also teaches us to trust our emotions and that reinforces our survival instincts. Our emotions are there for a reason and they can help us to stay safe in dangerous situations. When we trust our emotions, we are more likely to act on them and this can help us to avoid danger or to get out of a dangerous situation.

Why we like to be scared: Dangerous Situations


In conclusion, the desire to be scared is a perfectly natural and healthy one. It is an evolutionary response that allows us to confront our fears in a safe environment and can even lead to a sense of euphoria. So if you’re feeling a bit down and need a pick-me-up, why not try going on a ghost outing? Just make sure you bring all yours scaredy cat friends along for the ride!